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The Pet Biz Project

“The Pet Biz Project is Australia’s first podcast for pet industry professionals.”


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Please Note: At this current time we are only interviewing guests who are Pet Brands or those directly linked to the Pet Industry.

In this podcast, we interview the biggest pet brands and leading experts from around the globe and explore what makes a pet business popular, profitable and meaningful.

Ultimately, we ask: What does it mean to be value-driven and purpose-led as a Pet Biz in the modern world? …And why does it matter?

Our goal is to help and inspire marketing professionals and pet business owners, so you can discover how to powerfully connect to and convert pet parents into loyal followers.

The Pet Biz Project - the Podcast, is hosted by Tarryn Michie (Business Strategy Consultant) and Erin Michie (Creative & Branding Consultant). Both are co-founders of The Growth Genies, a Creative Growth, Marketing & Research Consultancy and The Pet Biz Project Group Coaching Program - based in Australia & the UK with a global client base.

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Profile artwork for The Pet Biz Project
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