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The Perfect Pooch

“A holistic approach to dog training & wellness podcast educating dog owners to provide the best for their dogs and themselves.”


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You can expect educational and honest opinions and ideas regarding living and caring about dogs including training dogs and educating dog owners from an expert dog trainer and many other professionals who have the same mission.

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Saro Dog Training

Empowering dog owners dealing with difficult-to-manage dogs, building solid bonds, and enhancing the quality of life with a training method centered on play and praise. I am a certified pet dog trainer with over 20 years of experience working with thousands of dogs and dog owners in person, in group settings, and now online. If you want to achieve happiness and calmness with your dog, I offer a unique, online, and virtual dog training and dog owner coaching program that will help you go from being frustrated and stressed to having fun and enjoying your dog within a few months. To work with me, simply visit my website for more info or to get started.

Dog training without the use of treats. Use play and praise as reward.

A unique dog training without the use of treats that is simple, healthy, and effective. A happy and reliable dog is the result. Dog training method with proven results.

Profile artwork for The Perfect Pooch
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