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The Perfect Balance Podcast

“THIS IS A NO GUEST SHOW Where we discover your symptoms are not the problem. PROMOTION SWAP ONLY”


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The Perfect Balance podcast, hosted by Eva Vennari, Heather Kneale, and Leslie Brown, is your go-to source for holistic healing using mineral balancing science. In a world where it can be scary to rely solely on doctors, friends, and loved ones for medical advice, this podcast offers an alternative. Listeners will discover the truths behind measuring, managing, and healing through the popular sickness lifestyle. Tune in to gain an educated opinion and take control of your own health journey. Join us on The Perfect Balance to explore what it means to be on the path of true holistic healing.


Eva Vennari, CEO and Founder of The Elevate Institute a cutting-edge health practitioner firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their Personal Growth and Development.

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Read her story of recovery from serious adrenal burnout in her book, Owning Your Health

Dr. Heather Kneale, Naturopath, PhD, Owner and Co-Founder of Global Nutritional Healing

Website Global Nutritional Healing – Global Nutritional Healing is an advanced healing program

Leading a health revolution movement, we offer certificate programs in mineral balancing. Our mission is to facilitate and educate a world-wide group of practitioners in the arena of nutrition and wellness ensuring a comprehensive protocol of learning tools that are delivered to each and every student in a personalized manner.

Book/product share Become a Practitioner – Global Nutritional Healing

Leslie Brown CEO/Founder The Mineral Balancing Group: where minerals matter and hair reveals all

Creator of The Stress Relief System for High Achieving Men to Sustain Peak Performance

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Profile artwork for The Perfect Balance Podcast
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