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the Patrick Bass Show

“The Patrick Bass Show: Real Talk, No Limits. The Home of Undiluted Truth. Not for Snowflakes. No-Nonsense Straight Talk.”


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About the Show

The Patrick Bass Show is a dynamic and provocative talk show dedicated to delivering unfiltered, hard-hitting conversations on current events, social issues, and topics that mainstream media often sidesteps. Hosted by Patrick Bass, the show combines a polished, professional production with a tough love approach, offering a platform for bold discussions and uncompromising truths.

Think of our show as “After Dark with Art Bell” meets Howard Stern meets Rush Limbaugh. Now throw in a healthy dose of Dr. Phill and T.D. Jakes. This is the type of show we are producing and hope you will be a part of!

The show is known for its edgy, bold, and unapologetic style. It’s a space where tough love meets intellectual rigor, offering a refreshing alternative to sanitized mainstream narratives. With high production values and a commitment to authenticity, the show stands out as a beacon of undiluted truth.

About Patrick

Patrick Bass is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, life coach, blogger, and radio host with over 27 years of experience in cybersecurity and business. Holding advanced degrees in business and computer science, along with a rich background in religious studies, Patrick expertly blends philosophical inquiry with practical strategies to empower individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their fullest potential. He has authored two books and offers career services and life coaching through his website, where he continues to actively write and share insights via his blog.

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Profile artwork for the Patrick Bass Show
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