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The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast

“Bringing a voice to our neurodiverse youth struggling with mental health by highlighting stories of perseverance and triumph.”


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When we're young, being different is scary, and for some reason, we go to great lengths to look, act, and think like everyone else. As a neurodivergent youth, the fear of being different can be even more terrifying. We are often afraid that others will see our creativity, free spirit, and general knowledge as something to be rejected and chastised for, but not anymore! Join Dr. Kristen Eccleston (published researcher, professor, and school mental health advocate) as she explores the amazing side of being neurodivergent. Each episode showcases inspiring interviews from successful neurodivergent individuals that pushed past the fear of being different and offers listeners messages of hope and encouragement. It's time to embrace your neurodiversity and break free from being one of the crowd.

*PLEASE NOTE: To qualify as a guest on this show, you must be a neurodiverse individual willing to speak about how being neurodiverse has impacted your life and the challenges you face or have faced as a neurodiverse student. OR You might be an individual has had to overcome mental health challenges and are willing to speak about your story of perseverance and growth. In addition, you should be able to speak to how being neurodiverse and/or going through mental health challenges contributed to your self-discovery and/or success.

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Profile artwork for The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast
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