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The Modern Marketer's Cookbook

“"The Modern Marketer's Cookbook" dives into modern marketing,blending creativity & AI.Enjoy lively debates & practical takeaways.”


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The Modern Marketer's Cookbook is not just a podcast; it’s a journey into the heart of modern marketing. Each episode serves as a vibrant forum for discussion, blending the art of marketing with the craft of creating and the science of AI and technology.

Industry leaders, creative trailblazers, and behind-the-scenes heroes share their perspectives, dishing out a rich variety of perspectives. This approach not only highlights the human effort behind each campaign but also explores how these processes can be streamlined and enhanced for better efficiency and impact.

In doing so, we're not just talking about marketing; we're revealing who and what makes it work.

Each episode promises:

Engaging Content: Lively debates and expert insights make complex topics accessible and entertaining.

Practical Takeaways: Each episode concludes with actionable 'ingredients' and 'steps', transforming theory into practice.

Follow-Up Material: Post-episode, we provide listeners with a downloadable 'recipe card' summarizing the key ingredients and steps discussed.

Whether you're starting out, leading a team, or crafting creative solutions – we want your voice. Share your insights and experiences, and help make complex marketing ideas simple and engaging for everyone.

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Profile artwork for The Modern Marketer's Cookbook
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