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““Subconscious patterns shape every aspect of our lives, for better or worse. Adaptive patterns create an optimal life - We show you how.”


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Imagine living in a world of darkness, shrouded in mystery and confusion—a reality shaped by hidden factors that influence our beliefs, choices, and habits. For many, this is a daily experience.

We’re all on a journey to discover the light inside. For better or worse, every aspect of our lives is shaped by the patterns we keep.

Join us in the land beyond belief, as we explore the hidden pathways of our subconscious and unconscious currents. We dive into the deep mind dynamics that surface in our everyday behaviors, highlighting the complexity and movement within our inner domains.

Our podcast shines a light on the internal forces shaping our actions, offering deeper insight and understanding into the adaptive nature of our subconscious and unconscious processes. Discover how these internal blueprints influence every aspect of our behavior, shaping and informing our humanity.

In the world beyond consciousness lie better choices, and the empowered decisions that make them possible.

Like millions of tiny fragments, these patterns lie beneath the surface, splintered into millions of pieces. This is what we perceive as the collection of associations we call ourselves. Despite this, much of that self remains forever a façade.

Our mission is to bring the ghosts of the mysterious body and mind to light. After years of struggling with trial and error, we help find our way through this subconscious clutter with tangible steps, and practical, actionable guidance — deeply rooted in sound, empirical theory.

The Light Inside believes that effective education is the key to achieving success and living a more fulfilling life.

Together, through our content messaging, we reveal how our hidden subconscious and unconscious patterns shape the fabric of our society as we explore a deeper dive into the mysterious inner world of our enigmatic lives.

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The Light Inside

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Profile artwork for The Light Inside
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