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The LifeOnyx Podcast

“Join me to deep dive into topics and provide tools and tactics that support the art and psychology of success and lifestyle achievement.”


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The LifeOnyx Podcast is a motivational and educational podcast hosted by success and lifestyle enthusiast John Goodyear. 

The Main Premise Of The Show 

To talk with high performers, lifestyle masters, thought leaders and other extraordinary people who love to dive deep into success and lifestyle related topics and provide real and raw life-changing tools, tactics, and techniques. 

The Targeted Audience

This podcast is designed specifically for those who are striving to achieve higher levels of success in the areas of wealth, greatness, wellbeing, lifestyle, and life fulfillment.

Topics Of Interest

Any knowledge or vital elements that relate to success and lifestyle achievement that will inspire and positively impact the audience. 

Ideal topics include success psychology/mindset, high performance habits, building greatness, law of attraction, wealth and financial freedom, designing the perfect life as well as purpose and life fulfillment, vitality and longevity. 

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Profile artwork for The LifeOnyx Podcast
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