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“I am an entrepreneur who has a niche for talking about peoples' past, present, and future. Now I am exploring more options...politics”


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I would love to interview –>YOU!!! Whether your an entrepreneur, author, musician, artist, actor, actress, and creative designer, etc. “Your Story” deserves to be heard through KCAA affiliates of NBC, Primetime spots (On Tuesdays at 2:00pm Station 1050 AM) (Every other Wednesdays at 3:00pm) And KKNW 1150 AM Radio Live at the studio, (Fridays at 1:30 pm) These spots fill up fast so please be mindful and come on time. Be prepared, and remember ITS FREE for now but the doors are closing. Be respectful, and no cursing!

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A Little bio about myself:

I have “The Kimberly Cloud Show LLC, and I am also a podcaster, inventor, writer, and author, and coach. I also had four businesses and I am going to College for my master’s in business administration. I am a veteran owned business. I’ve spoken with many of the greats like: Daymond John and Kevin Harringtons Team. I’ve been on The Podcast Business News Network, The Elite Podcast Business News Network, The Creative Nomad Show, La Raza Radio, and have been in the magazines like Kivo daily, CEO weekly, and been in over 45 magazines!!! Worldwide!!

Kimberly Cloud is recognized for her Worldwide on her syndicated show on BBS radio, through Donald Newsome. She is also in over 7 million southern Californians home with KCAA Radio affiliates of NBC. She can talk about peoples past, leading up to their present, with knowing about their future. I spoke with Daymond John from Shark Tank in 2021 where there was 3 million people on that Facebook platform. I appreciate him speaking with me. I have been on many of shows, to name a couple is The Joyful Manifestation Show with Sugandhi Iyer, and The invisible Podcast with Jeff Pearson. She was first on The Creative Nomad Show, and them she started interviewing people like Doug Noll and D’mont Reese. She has also been on Pa Live...

The Kimberly Cloud Show LLC: People are lining up to know who is “Kimberly Cloud”, and what does she represent and do? She has been building her brand for roughly for four years. She got a hometown hero's banner, and a certificate from Mayor Alice Patino. She was on locally loved locally owned thanks to The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce B2B program. She ran for US Senate as a write in and was going to run for republican status President of The. United States of America. She is also running for City Council Win or lose. She will always be an advocate for the city she stays in. She is an eastern star, and has won the Crea Awards from Brainz magazine and also is an Executive Contributor. She is in the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and plans on join many other organizations. She can put you on DCTV with knowing the Executive Director: Karen Beasley. She can put you onto MNN she knows the producer there. She can put you onto Lompoc California TAP TV, and knows and has gotten help from the Director of communications there. "I actually went to the TV Station an Did a segment it was amazing." I Know the executive producer there and the producers such as Rene. Lastly, Samantha she is the Program Director and She put my show on to NECAT regularly. I work really hard and hope you enjoy my shows.

She has interviewed Will Roberts 7 time academy award winner, and DC Glenn from Whoomph There it is, and Shawn Harper, a Ex NFL-player and now worldwide motivational speaker. She has also interviewed Kevin Stone Hollywood’s greatest and most profound hypnotherapist, and lastly interviewed Zach Waldman a famous Hollywood magician who has juggle for many people, like Whitney Houston, and Chris Tucker and many more a List Celebrities. Will Roberts’ follows me on Instagram, so does Kevin Stone and Zach Waldman.

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