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This is "The Investors Corner Podcast". We started with property but now we're branching out to talk about all kinds of investments. Whether it's art, tech, stocks, or something completely out of the box, we're interested.

We're on the hunt for guests who are excited to share their investment experiences and advice. No matter what your expertise is, if it's about making smart investment choices, our listeners want to hear from you.

Our team – Andy, Ian, and Mike – have years of experience and are always keen to learn and share more about the vast world of investing. We're here to break down complex topics and keep everyone updated with the latest trends and opportunities.

Joining our podcast means joining a community that's curious about growing their investments in new and exciting ways. If you're passionate about your investment field and want to share your insights, we’d love to have you.

We're all about exploring different ways to invest, so if you've got a story or some wisdom to share, come chat with us. It's not just about property anymore; it's about all the ways we can invest smarter.


Andy, Ian & Mike

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Profile artwork for The Investors Corner
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