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“Unleash a healthier, empowered you with 'The Health Revolution' - bold conversations that transform wellness and inspire growth.”


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Welcome to "The Health Revolution," where we're redefining wellness for over 40 and beyond. We are a TV Show on the e360tv network, specifically on AmazonFire, RokuTV, and AppleTV, just to name a few. We're not just about physical fitness; we're dedicated to holistic well-being. Here, we engage in enlightening conversations that elevate health and wellness, empowering incredible transformations. As a guest on our show, you can expect a platform that celebrates your unique journey and expertise. Our show creates a supportive space for you to share your insights, experiences, and guidance, reaching a vibrant audience of women eager to embrace healthier, more fulfilling lives. Join us in sparking positive change, one conversation at a time.

We go above and beyond for each guest. You are not a random guest taking up slots on a calendar. Many shows simply just ask you "Tell us who you are and what you do" at the beginning of the show. That's not enough to insist to the audience YOU are the authority figure. EVERY SINGLE guest experience has many touch points to be clear on the production of the episode, from the interview selection dates to the promotions and the date the episode airs. YOUR message matters and YOU are not just anybody. YOU are an authority figure that we are looking forward to sharing your message.

As a top show on e360tv, we are not a one-person team. We pour time and energy into making sure that you can be proud of your appearance on our show. Because each episode is available for on-demand replay on RokuTV, AppleTV, AmazonFire and e360tv's platforms, we have a very detailed approach we provide that is exceptional, professional, and brings more viewers to your message.

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Profile artwork for The Health Revolution TV Show
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