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“The only podcast that will help you grow personally, professionally, and financially.”


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Welcome to "Growth Talk with Glenn," a thought-provoking podcast designed to inspire personal growth and transformation. Join your host, Glenn, as he engages in candid conversations with successful entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and everyday individuals who have overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable growth in their personal and professional lives.

Each episode explores practical strategies, valuable insights, and real-life experiences that will empower you to break through limitations, cultivate resilience, and unlock your full potential. From personal development and goal setting to mindset shifts and overcoming challenges, Growth Talk with Glenn covers a wide range of topics that will enrich your journey towards self-improvement.

Tune in to "Growth Talk with Glenn" on for inspiring stories, actionable advice, and a supportive community dedicated to helping you grow and thrive in all aspects of your life. Join us on this transformative journey as we learn, evolve, and create lasting change together.

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Glenn Torres | 10X Coach & Consultant

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Glenn Torres, a 10X Elite Business Coach & Consultant dedicated to empowering business owners to exponentially grow their marketing and sales. Dive into our tutorials, case studies, and expert advice to unlock your business's full potential. Ready to 10X your business? Schedule a free consultation today!

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