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The Friendly Futurist

“Are you ready to board the good ship SS Tomorrow? The Friendly Futurist is your weekly dose of emerging tech, society, and the environment.”


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The Future is already here, It is not very evenly distributed-William Gibson 2003.

The Friendly Futurist. The podcast is all about a user-friendly future, covering topics such as social change, big tech, and megatrends, mixed with some dope ass beats. Think of the show as the intersection between Emerging Technology with Implications on Society and The Environment.

***Creatively for 2022*** We are particularly interested in chatting with

People in the NFT space include Artists and Crypto experts. For our up and coming weekly spin-off series NFT Art Explosion.

Aviation, Aviation History and Space Experts who want to chat with us about the billionaire space race and the parallels it has with the early days of aviation. We are putting together a special documentary series and would value your input.

***Got An Exciting Project To Share With Us, That is Not Already Mentioned?****

We are very much interested in talking to experts in:

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, The Metaverse, Agtech, Future of Food, Future of Work, Future of Energy, Biotech, Transhumanism, Biohacking, AI, Quantum Computing, Regenerative Agriculture, Nanotechnology, Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Space Exploration, CBD Products, Introduction of UBI (Universal Basic Income), Return to Slow Fashion, The Fourth Turning

Plus any other topic that is cutting edge, and set to revolutionise the way we live. Please remember we are talking megatrends on a global scale, and making them accessible to the average Joe on the street. Real big picture ideas!

On occasion, we have a dedicated Fan Week by request, so if you have a future technology not yet covered or a really cool social initiative that is set to change the world, please feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks in advance and let's grow this movement together.


P.s No Sales Funnel Unicorns Please.

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Profile artwork for The Friendly Futurist
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