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The Flimsy Hat Podcast

“What is the experience that got you to where you are today?”


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The Flimsy Hat is a podcast that celebrates the power of experiences to shape who we are and what we become. Hosted by Sal Mannino, the show explores a wide range of topics, from gaming and esports to business and real estate, from fitness and gut health to life experiences and mental health.

Each episode of The Flimsy Hat features candid conversations with a diverse range of guests, including experts, athletes, entrepreneurs, Law Enforcement and everyday people with unique stories to share. Together, they dive deep into the nuances of what it means to live a fulfilling life, touching on everything from the latest trends in marketing and coaching to the challenges and triumphs of building a successful business or pursuing a passion.

At its core, The Flimsy Hat is a celebration of the human experience, an exploration of the many paths that can lead to personal growth and fulfillment. So whether you're a gamer looking to up your esports game, an entrepreneur seeking new insights into marketing and business strategy, or simply someone looking to learn from the experiences of others, The Flimsy Hat has something for you. So grab your favorite hat (even if it's a little flimsy) and join us for a journey through the many facets of life and living.

What is the podcast about?

I want to share that our experiences make us who we are. What we do is who we become

What topics do we talk about?

Many topics from Gaming, Esports, Sports, Leadership, Law Enforcement, Coaching (business, sports, life), Business, Real Estate, Marketing, Life Experiences, and Mental, Fitness, and Gut Health.

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Profile artwork for The Flimsy Hat Podcast
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