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The Final Solution is Love hosted by Rick DellaRatta

“A great opportunity for both Guests and Existing Podcasts to expand their outreach and bring their message to NEW audiences worldwide!”


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Breaking News: Learn all about the new JAZZforPEACE podcast while meeting our first guest, author Mark Meding in this promo teaser for his upcoming appearance later this week along with a live performance at minute 6!

After appearing on over 200 podcasts as a guest with his extraordinary story about a poem that he wrote witnessing the events of 9/11 from a rooftop leading to a Benefit Concert Series now known as "One of the most significant cultural events of our time!", Jazz artist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Rick DellaRatta reached a NEW milestone when he surpassed more than one million views in a single week on just one social media platform (, which then led to the release of the groundbreaking NEW BOOK, "Paving the Path for Peace through Music: The Amazing Story of Rick DellaRatta & Jazz for Peace!" currently sending shockwaves of altruism across the globe!

This, along with his multi decade achievements as the founder of JAZZforPEACE, along with his lifetime of extraordinary achievements as the world-class singer, pianist and composer that led up to it, have laid the groundwork for a diverse and expansive audience that has the ability to help outstanding guests and Podcasters to expand their message and their outreach to new audiences both domestically and around the world!

Do you LOVE what you do? Have something important, fascinating, controversial or heartwarming that you'd like to talk about? If so, tell us why you'd be a good fit for the show so we can have you come on board and share your amazing story. After all is said and done ~ The Final Solution Is Love!

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Funding that is Incredibly Uncomplicated! How We Did It / Jazz for Peace Grant Presentation.

Radio Interview/Video Demonstration helps outstanding causes understand how to obtain important funding, NEXT STEP: After you have watched the video above, c...

Profile artwork for The Final Solution is Love hosted by Rick DellaRatta
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