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The Envisioner's Journey

“Making life transformation an everyday experience.”


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“The Envisioner’s Journey” is a discussion-based show that seeks to explore the vast and diverse ways in which we envision our future through the lenses of individual experiences, professional perspectives, and other topics. 

Whether you're overwhelmed with the prospect of taking a leap into the unknown or simply struggling to discover your "vision," our host, Sherylle, and her esteemed lineup of experienced guests will help you see what you've been missing this entire time. 

Remember, if you can imagine it, it's possible — and if it's been nagging at you, it's important. Manifesting your vision in reality just requires patience, effort, and understanding that everything happens at an appointed time. 

As you join us on our journey to explore envisioning and shaping the future, you will learn that your mindset dictates your reality. So instead of waiting for life to live itself, make transformation a daily experience. 

Once your mindset aligns with your vision, you'll be unstoppable!

We are currently accepting guests from two categories:


People who have a story of growth that will help our audience progress toward their personal, professional, and overall life goals. 



Individuals who have expertise that provides some perspective on the practical application of the visualization process (thought leaders, professionals, performers, artists, coaches, professors, teachers, therapists, etc)

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Profile artwork for The Envisioner's Journey
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