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“Help us inspire entrepreneurs. Share your path. What struggles did you face? How did you overcome? What has led to your success today?”


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We are on a mission to defeat the epidemic of small business failures! There are many layers to the work we do, but this podcast is the most visible and perhaps the most vital. We invite successful people with interesting stories to our show, to share the guts of how challenging entrepreneurship can be, how best to prepare for this path, and the tips and strategies that individuals use to stay on track, overcome obstacles, and arrive at success. What recommendations do you have for new or struggling entrepreneurs? Is your success rooted in funding just the right help? Is it based on lessons learned? Have you discovered your unique business identity? How do you market and sell kin a way that is inviting ... or perhaps emotional? Our programs are approximately 24 minutes of business gems. Every story is slightly different ... some are incredibly different ... all are inspiring. We start each show with the same question, "When were you first smitten by the entrepreneurial bug?" Many of those answers are humorous (a little girl who picked dandelions from her neighbor's yards then knocked on their door to sell them flowers for 5 cents each ...or another little girl who wondered why shaving cream was always white, so she colored little cups and tried to sell them around her neighborhood) ... and many answers are more serious, having to do with devastating layoffs from corporate, or turning a hobby into a business. We want to know the person first, to build a connection, then we want to hear your story, your ideas, your breakthroughs. Not everyone is selected for this show, but if your story is true, compelling and inspirational, we want to hear from you.

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Profile artwork for The Entrepreneurs' Guild
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