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The Crazy Over 40’s Life

“An energetic podcast, that provides you with the tools and resources to navigate the crazy over-40s life.”


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Caroline Brown is a licensed Integrative Therapist and Cert Emotional Wellness Coach. Author of 5 Step Challenge To Understanding The Crazy Over 40 Life. Link to book

Conquering the term midlife crisis which impolitely describes the-ageing over 40s. She hopes to revamp this old notion. And refers to these years affectionately as our crazy over 40’s life. Inviting people to uncover the rebirth of their adolescence, filled with curiosity interests and desires. As an Emotional Wellness Coach, Author and podcast host of Thr Crazy Over 40s Life. She covers topics such as relationships, and physical, emotional, and social wellness. Legal and money matters and more.

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Profile artwork for The Crazy Over 40’s Life
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