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The Cost of Not Paying Attention

“International podcast about all the things that we forget are important...and the cost of our not paying attention to those things!”


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Welcome to the Cost of Not Paying Attention hosted by nationally recognized speaker Janine Hamner Holman of J&J Consulting. Janine knows what it takes to attract and retain world class talent. Join her here each week as we use brain science, leadership, management, and real life challenges business owners face to explore the places where they are not paying attention. 

This podcast leans into the places where – by paying attention – we can reap significant rewards! From the exploration of neuroscience and unconscious bias to the impact of culture on the bottom line of companies, we’ll investigate the things that we don’t typically see.

By expanding our focus, we can pull from opportunities our subconscious and into our consciousness so that we can make better decisions, be more productive, and build the kind of lives, organizations and society where we can all thrive. Whether you’re a business owner, an organizational leader, a manager of other humans, or anybody who aspires to be one of these, learning about why we avoid looking at things that feel “hard” actually gives us freedom and helps us understand more about why we do the things that we do. Together, we’ll explore what’s going on in our brains and the available opportunities and challenges for us as managers and leaders. Discover some tips and advice on how to turn the ship around and become a better leader. Learn the science behind why culture and good management matters.

The podcast has a conversational style. I almost always begin with the question, "What's something that you've become aware of that people aren't paying attention to and what's the cost of that inattention?"

If you think you'd make a good guest, please reach out and let me know why!

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Profile artwork for The Cost of Not Paying Attention
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