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“Empower non-tech founders to leverage tech for business success. Be a distinguished guest on Tech for Founder. Join us now!”


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Tech for Founder Podcast is the premier platform for esteemed guests to share their expertise and insights in the dynamic world of technology, specifically tailored for non-technical founders looking to leverage technology for business success. With a focus on AI, fintech, and other groundbreaking fields, our podcast provides an exceptional opportunity for industry experts, successful founders, and respected academics to guide non-technical entrepreneurs through the intricacies of the tech landscape.

As a distinguished guest, you'll join our roster of exceptional individuals who have graced our podcast, including luminaries like Noah Healy. Noah, a professional algorithm developer and renowned expert in game theory and marketplace design, has captivated our audience of non-technical founders with engaging discussions on the latest tech trends and their transformative potential for businesses.

Under the expert guidance of our esteemed host, Panida Wayrojpitak, a Business Development Executive and Computer Science MSc candidate at the prestigious University of Bath, your interview will offer unparalleled exposure to an audience hungry for valuable insights and actionable advice specifically tailored to non-technical entrepreneurs.

In addition to Noah's outstanding contributions, we're thrilled to have had Maria, an ex-journalist and esteemed podcasting expert, join our podcast. Her wealth of knowledge in leveraging podcasting to enhance audience connection has enriched our discussions, providing unique perspectives for our esteemed audience. Maria's invaluable presence adds immense value to the Tech for Founder Podcast, inspiring our listeners to understand how to leverage technology effectively in their businesses.

By being a part of Tech for Founder Podcast, you'll have the opportunity to share your expertise with a highly engaged audience of non-technical founders, offering them invaluable guidance on how to navigate the tech landscape and drive business success. This is your chance to establish yourself as a thought leader, amplify your personal brand, and make a lasting impact on non-technical entrepreneurs seeking to leverage technology for their ventures.

Join us on Tech for Founder Podcast, where your insights will be celebrated, your expertise will be valued, and your guidance will resonate with a captivated audience of non-technical founders. Together, let's explore the frontiers of technology and empower non-technical entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital age.

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Unlock business success with Tech for Founder Podcast—a must-listen for non-technical founders. Hosted by Panida, a Chief Technology Officer and Computer Science MSc candidate at the University of Bath, our episodes feature experts, academics, and founders sharing actionable advice. From AI to fintech and digital marketing, we navigate the tech landscape together. Join us to harness technology's power for your venture. Follow LinkedIn: Subscribe Youtube: Business Contact: [email protected]

Profile artwork for Tech for Founder Podcast
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