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Team Building Saves The World

“We discuss live events, company culture, and insights from program developers, leaders, and professionals in the team building industry.”


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In this season of Team Building Saves The World, we discuss company culture as it changes as we go through the pandemic. This season's topics have included DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), what it's like behind the seasons of live events, talking with TeamBonding's international partners, and employee wellness.

  • Guests are slotted for up 90 minutes depending on the number of guests scheduled for that episode. The hour includes some prep time; the actual recorded segment can range from 25 to 55 minutes.
  •  You can speak via your computer's mic, but it is preferred that you use a headset (earbuds with a mic, AirPods, or external mic) to ensure the best sound quality. Make sure you turn off anything that will send a notification via sound on your computer.
  • Please position yourself in as quiet of an environment as possible with good lighting. We will be using portions of video recording from the Zoom to help promote your episode.
  • We also ask that you promote your episode on your social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). If you haven’t already followed TeamBondPodcast, please do so!  
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Profile artwork for Team Building Saves The World
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