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Taught by a Billionaire

“A show about real world experiences and the lessons that were personally taught to me by a billionaire on the road to building wealth.”


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Taught by a Billionaire is a podcast that focuses on real world experience and application on how to build wealth if you weren't from an Ivy League school or didn't have affluent connections to the right organizations.

I have always been asked to share what I've been taught by my business mentor who was a billionaire who owned satellites, cell towers and had an asteroid mining company. I begged him to teach me after courting each other for nearly 6 months at a dinner he invited me to.

He was an ex Navy SEAL so I didn't really know how he'd react to my desperation, however, he obliged and I was assigned a handler and learned from her for a 90 day probationary period at which point I was initiated into his organization.

I then spent 18 months, everyday, learning and soaking up every piece of knowledge I could from him. Transitioning from a service mindset to a duplicatable product mindset and partnering with different corporations to manifest those specific teachings showed me a whole new world of what was possible.

From being assigned a handler, to being his shadow, to becoming his proxy in US government and International business dealings, this show goes down the road I traveled to get where I am today.

You will hear stories of utter defeat as well as unbelievable successes. Stories of hurt and loneliness while navigating the entrepreneurial road to wealth - along with the greatest feelings of embrace and accomplishment when everything comes together in an unexpected manner.

My goal is to leave you with the hope, confidence and reality that you can do the same things that I did because I am nobody special. I just begged someone to teach me when I saw they had more than I had ever seen.

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Profile artwork for Taught by a Billionaire
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