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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

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Sexuality Relationships


TalkSex™ with Gabriela Rosa is the podcast where reproductive health, science, education, self-discovery, love, and lust meet. Sex is so much more than the mere function designed to fulfill the biological imperative of human reproduction. Interwoven in the sexual act there is an even deeper yearning essential to the experience of sexual satisfaction. Inside our greatest inner longings, humans want to, above all, feel - seen, desired, and met within multiple dimensions of our beings. Join Harvard University awarded scholar, author, and researcher, Gabriela Rosa as we explore the nuances around sex, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction in the context of partnered relationships. And because we also believe mind-blowing, multiple orgasms are the birthright of every woman alive, we explore the ‘how to’s’ on this and many other topics as well.

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Profile artwork for TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa
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