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“Spoken Label is a author / writer / artist / poetry Podcast series ran and created by Andy N with friendly, informal but informative chat.”


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Spoken Label is a podcast label and series designed to interview and record sessions from authors, poets, artists, musicians etc in Northwest England (UK) and beyond. Formed in 2015 and ran/edited by Andy N, author of ‘Return to Kemptown’ and ‘The End of Summer', it is always open to submissions from interested artists.

NB. I am more interested in Poets, experimental musicians, and fiction writers. People writing self-help books, Autobiographies / Life stories, Entrepreneurship, Erotica (Whether full or as somebody has said to me in an approach recently who I won't name - it's not full-on erotica book - just covers things in a fun and spicey way), Religious fiction and non-fiction and fiction related material and anybody trying to help me out with production/promotion/art are not of interest to me and likely to get a rejection and suggest to everybody to please review my archive below before getting in touch to stop both of us wasting our time.

Also please note I am not looking at employing anybody to assist in running this Podcast.

A good tip, if you write to me wanting to come onto this show, is to dazzle me with your cover letter - a simple, hi look at my website and put me on your show is not going to impress anybody.

Spoken Label as well as the link below is also available on networks such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and about 16 or 17 others if you want to look at any of the other networks and advise listening to at least a few shows in our archive to get a feel or the show before getting in touch.

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Profile artwork for Spoken Label
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