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Song Saga

“Come play the party game that gets people sharing the stories and soundtrack of their lives... Song Saga!”


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Come play Song Saga on our podcast and take a musical trip down memory lane.

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Song Saga is the party game that celebrates the power of music and storytelling.

We collaborate with guest musicians, writers, producers, actors, filmmakers, photographers, designers, artists, founders, comedians, and interesting people with a story to tell.

Guests will be given ample time to promote their current projects while they play three to five cards designed to spark memories of songs and stories that have meaning to them.

We're building a library of great episodes and have an expert marketing team standing by and promotional partners in place to ensure that what we make gets discovered, heard, and shared.

Reasons to be a Guest:

  • Unique opportunity to promote your upcoming show, event, film, premiere, book, music video etc.
  • A fun* break from the usual press junket interview monotony
  • A way for fans to connect with you at a deeper level
  • Access to evergreen, embeddable content - audio and video - to share on your own media channels
  • It's playful and fun — and you get a free game!

*Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional, but probable.

Your host

The podcast will be hosted by Eran Thomson, Founder of Song Saga and Laugh Masters Academy, and writer/host of the One Word Suggestion podcast.

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Why can't I find this on iTunes? We haven't launched yet 😛 We're building up a library of great episodes first. It will be available soon.

How long will this shit take? Around 1 hour or less, depending on how talkative you are.

Will talent be paid? No. As policy, there are no paid appearances on the Song Saga podcast, but we do invest in marketing for promo/views/downloads. You won't be shouting into the wind.

Where does it all go down? In-person is always best. We record live (in person) by appointment in Sydney and LA. We can also play remotely over Skype/Squadcast.

Will it be filmed? Yes, Whenever possible we will create both audio and video versions. We use small cameras and a one-person crew to keep things agile, fast, and speedy. For remote sessions, we use your webcam.

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Profile artwork for Song Saga
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