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So Much More Than Cancer

“This podcast is two fold: empowering people to know they are so much more than a diagnosis and we talk about so much more than just cancer.”


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So Much More Than Cancer is a podcast for, not only the cancer community, caregivers, medical professionals and healing practitioners, it is a podcast for anyone who wants to be empowered, inspired and motivated to be excited about each and every day. My guests and I share insights, challenges and motivational stories about our lives that are uplifting and fun. My motto is WAKE THE FUN UP. The show is listened to and loved my many.

I am a cancer "Thriver" of stage IV throat and neck cancer. Diagnosed in 2005 and given three months to live. I am still here and I am better than ever and ready to share, inspire and motivate.

If you have an open heart, want to share your story and want to have some fun then you are the type of guest I am searching for.

I use zoom to record and my editor edits out the video and we use the audio portion. Depending on the guest and their mission and message we may go live on Facebook for certain shows.

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Profile artwork for So Much More Than Cancer
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