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Snackable Solutions

“Bite-sized solutions and advice for small business owners and startups.”


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We believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses give people hope for a better future. We help these inspirational people with short videos and articles that provide clear, actionable solutions to common problems that are easy to understand and execute.

If you're a fit for the show, then please follow these steps:

  1. Please follow some of these social profiles from your pages before you send us a query:
  2. Confirm that you will prepare a 1-5 minute "Snackable Solution" that solves a problem for a small business owner or start-up in a few simple steps (examples below). You can either do this as part of your interview, or send it in advance if you want more time to chat (we will do all of the editing)
  3. Send us a note with a BRIEF pitch (no more than 4-5 sentences and some links please). Confirm steps 1 & 2 in your note. We will then reply with a calendly link to book your 30 minute interview.

The goal will be for you to provide value to our audience while also telling your story. At the end, you'll give us your "snackable solution" as the final part of the interview in 1-5 minutes (unless you send it in advance).

We want guests who are small business owners, startup founders, and consultants who help these kinds of organizations. Your ticket onto the show is to provide a set of actionable steps that can be described in under 5 minutes, to improve someone's business.

So for example, if you are a digital marketing consultant, you might provide a "snackable solution" like "how to get your first 100 Twitter followers." If you are a retail store owner, you might include something like "how to prepare your store for Mother's Day."

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Profile artwork for Snackable Solutions
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