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Small Changes, Big Dividends

“Do you have content expertise, a professional attitude, a service heart? If this describes you, my worldwide audience is ready to hear you!”


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"Small Changes, Big Dividends" is a podcast conversation with a focus on personal, career and spiritual christianity growth. Takeaway tips and tools for healthier, more successful relationships at home and work that promote essentials for achievements in daily life are part of every episode.

If you're a podcast guest who can share specific knowledge, or a specialty to improve lives of my audience, lets talk.

"Small Changes, Big Dividends" enjoys a world wide listener base through 'Bold Brave Media' global network, our web site, You Tube, Apple, I-Heart, FB, & LI.

If you're interested in joining me live on air to share your expertise, please reach out. [email protected] or here on MM.

There are thousands of podcasts seeking stories about overcoming adversities, paths from rags to riches, new labels for old methods or processes, and focus on attaining six and seven figure incomes. SCBD is not that platform.

Don't share who you were and how you arrived at today. Share who you are, where you're going, and the kind of person you seek to mentor to take into that future.

Small Changes, Big Dividends - Experiencing Life 101A

Do you have 15 minutes to learn small changes that will improve your relationships at home or career? Join me live every Wednesday from 4-5pm (ET) on FB, LI, YT through the "Bold Brave TV" link portal.

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BOLD BRAVE TV Global Media Network Whether at home or work, life is all about relationships. ​Welcome to Small Changes, Big Dividends with your host, Branch ...

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Small Changes, Big Dividends

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Whether at home or work, life is all about relationships. ​Welcome to  Small Changes, Big Dividends  with your host,  Branch Isole . Small Changes, Big Dividends  shares steps, tools and tips...

Profile artwork for Small Changes, Big Dividends
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