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“Real talk. Real stories. Real solutions from two solopreneurs on the persistent AF way you make it to a six-figure income and beyond.”


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Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from two solopreneurs on your journey to six figures? Skinfessional started from the idea that there needs to be more honesty about the real struggles, mistakes, and flat out failures that happen when you build a spa or salon business. 12-hour days? Non-existent self-care? Crazy barnacle clients? We’ve been there and lived to tell the tale. Everyone wants an overnight success, but the reality is that being an entrepreneur boils down to lessons learned and being persistent AF. Real talk. Real stories. Real solutions to get estheticians and sole proprietors to six figures and beyond without burning out. We’re pulling back the curtain and giving you an all access pass to how this spa owner and wellness excerpt do it so you can too. 

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Profile artwork for Skinfessional
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