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Second Act Actors

“A podcast about people who have made a major life or career change into acting.”


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Second Act Actors is a web series/podcast where I chat with people who have made a major life and/or career change into acting. 

I was originally (and still am) a medical doctor and decided to simultaneously pursue acting. I wanted to do this web series/podcast because I started meeting more and more people like me who had made this choice and I was fascinated by their stories.

I believe our first act and the path that brought us to acting makes us better actors and better people. I have met many others who feel the same way. Cool people doing cool things with their lives. I also believe that stories are more important than ever these days. We live in isolated bubbles and it can be hard to learn about others during this time. I’m hoping this will be a chance to share stories and provide some connection.

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Profile artwork for Second Act Actors
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