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Profile artwork for Scalar Light Quantum Technology including 15 Day Free Trial for This Audience

Scalar Light Quantum Technology including 15 Day Free Trial for This Audience

“Tom has created Scalar Light Technology based on Tesla which is powerfully helping Humanity & he has a mission to tell you all about it!”


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Tom Paladino from the USA would love to share with you & your audience information about this incredible Scalar Light Quantum Technology. He created it based on Tesla's work... for helping Humanity! This will include a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL for every Podcaster to try it for themselves & 15 DAY FREE TRIAL for all your audience. This is the Technology of the future & Tom can show you clear evidence (in scientific results) of the success of this Scalar Light. Additionally, instead of just working with 1 person or a small group he has devised a way to work with millions of people simultaneously. This Interview will blow you away! He is so excited to share with you & your audience everything he is doing & also his Humanitarian efforts to make a BIG difference... Please contact me Medyhne at [email protected] to book Tom for your Podcast.

Love & Light Medyhne & Tom

PS. Here is a recent Testimonial:“I believe the happier mood and feeling of wellness is massive! I gave the referral to your vid to many others. **** has had a 5 year bad spot go on BOTH elbows. She tried cortisone, nothing had worked. She got a massive project at work on the 2nd day. Her dream project….My eyesight has improved and I've lost 2 kilos!..” Karen

PS. Please contact Medyhne at [email protected] to organise this for your mutual benefit

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Tom Paladino

Scalar light is the divine light, the omnipresence of God. Scalar light originates from the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe and serves as the life force of the universe. Tom Paladino utilizes scalar light instruments that harness scalar light in order to provide quantum, health benefits. All scalar light sessions are administered exclusively upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In specific, a photograph of a person serves as their bi-located, scalar light copy. Hence, a photograph of a person is embodied with the scalar light signature of their soul, mind and body. Anyone may experience FREE scalar light sessions by e-mailing your photograph to: The 30-day FREE scalar light sessions do not require a credit or debit card. All questions and inquires should be addressed to the Scalar Light Support Desk: e-mail: [email protected] Phone: (805) 364-3051 1-800-345-9851 (Voice Mail Only)

Profile artwork for Scalar Light Quantum Technology including 15 Day Free Trial for This Audience
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