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“re:sume spreads the message that you can, in fact, be happy in your career!”


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We spend a third of our life working. Don't you think we should enjoy it?

Welcome to re:sume, the podcast here to spread the message that you can in fact, enjoy your career.

Join your host Courtney Page, a former executive recruiter turned career coach, every week as we explore the age-old question, “What do you do?” and expose careers like never before.

Through upbeat and in-depth interviews with global professionals across industries, Courtney will guide you through career paths of all origins with one thing in common: happiness.

So, push play and re:sume the podcast now to learn how people just like you are happy in their careers.

We are happy to host guests who exude HAPPINESS in their careers. We are specifically excited to host professionals from a variety of industries in different positions! Doctors, artists, marine biologists, veterinarians, teachers, therapists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, sales, actors, singers, fintech, fashion, construction, real estate... literally ANY industry and ANY position, the only requirement is that you are HAPPY in your career! Message us to schedule a connection session!

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