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Redefining Society Podcast

“I am looking for brilliant minds to discuss the relationship between Society and Technology. Note: I am very selective about my guests.”


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Redefining Society Podcast | Musing On Society & Technology | Hosted by Marco Ciappelli Let's face it: the future is now. We live in a Hybrid Analog Digital Society, and we must stop ignoring it or pretending that technology is not affecting us. The line between the physical and virtual worlds has become a figment of our imagination. On it, we are continually performing a dangerous balancing act, juggling convenience, privacy, freedom, security, technology, society, culture, and even the future of humanity. There is no better place than here, and no better time than now, to muse on our relationship with technology and how to redefine what society means in this new age.

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Marco Ciappelli | Co-Founder at ITSPmagazine

Marco Ciappelli Creative Director Branding & Marketing Advisor Personal Brand Consultant Thinker Storyteller Podcast Host & Panel Moderator | Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Storyteller at ITSPmagazine Stories At The Intersection Of Technology, CyberSecurity, and Society | Dr

Marco Ciappelli | Co-Founder and Podcast Host — ITSPmagazine Podcast Network | Broadcasting Ideas. Connecting Minds.™

Marco Ciappelli, Dr. in Political Science with a specialization in Sociology of Communication, combines his deep understanding of societal dynamics and mass media with his passion for creative direction and corporate/personal branding. With a career beginning in advertising as a copywriter and evolv

Profile artwork for Redefining Society Podcast
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