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“Supporting parents of teens with tools, tips and advice to help them to step into the world, powerfully, confidently and ready for anything.”


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As a parent of a teen who will soon be leaving home what have you been focused on? Has it been on the forms, the funding and the choices?

It's so easy to get absorbed by these but it's also easy to forget the other stuff that your teen will be facing and thinking about.

It's never too late (or too early!) to help your teen to prepare for their next phase whether it's leaving home, travelling abroad or going to University.

With practical advice for Parents that also benefits teens, we talk about the simple yet powerful tips and tools that you and your teen can apply today to help them to get off to a confident start in their next chapter.

As a mum of a newly flown teen, I've spent time exploring the things that can help the most with the transition and have found those in the the know. Now, it's time to share their wisdom, including:

  • How to help teens to be more comfortable with themselves
  • How to think about and manage money simply and powerfully for today and tomorrow
  • How to get and stay motivated when the structure is gone
  • How to lay strong foundations in the final year and beyond

And much more...

For parents this time means stepping back, whilst helping your teen to step up, confidently, authentically and at times creatively as they enter the world.

Tune in to The Ready To Fly Show for ideas, tips, tools and advice from bestselling authors and experts and those who've been through it before.

  • If you're feeling overwhelmed with where to start with getting your teen ready
  • If you haven't got time to do the research
  • If you're wondering if it's too late
  • If you're looking for guidance and new ideas
  • If you're just getting organised

You're in the right place, as this is the space to help your teen get ready to fly.


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Profile artwork for Ready To Fly
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