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“Home of the 🌍's best indie hip-hop. I'm seeking virtual interviews (preferably via Zoom) with people who can relate to hip-hop culture.”


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Rap Nerd Radio is listed on 12 (and counting) Huge radio directory platforms. What that means for you is the potential to have your voice heard by thousands of potential listeners to bring awareness to you and your brand. Currently, we bring in over 5k unique listeners per month. I'd like to think of my interviews as more of a conversation, and not just an interrogation. We will do research before the conversation, and make sure to ask you things that aren't based on drama. Rap Nerd Radio is all about positivity and pushing the hip-hop culture forward. I'd like to conduct Video interviews (preferably via Zoom) to be posted on my website, YouTube, and the audio played on internet radio. I also accept hip-hop only song submissions for radio play consideration and hip-hop only album links for written album review consideration. RapNerd.Online.

If you have any questions please contact me here on Matchmaker, OR directly via email. [email protected].


Derek Moore aka "Rap Nerd"

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Rap Nerd is a platform that highlights the world's best indie hip hop artists with In-depth written, and video music reviews. Join us today.

Rap Nerd

Rap Nerd is a community of hip hop lovers. Here where we discuss and debate any and everything pertains to hip hop music, fashion, news, and culture. The main objective of this platform is to highlight only the world’s best Indie hip hop talent. Visit the Official Website today! Rapnerd.Online

Rap Nerd

Rap Nerd. 1,713 likes · 6 talking about this. �Welcome to Rap Nerd!!� Home of the 🌍's best indie hip-hop

Profile artwork for Rap Nerd Radio
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