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Whenever you tell someone that you work in Radio you're likely to hear one of these questions:

1- What station do you work for? Oh, I don’t listen to that one…

2- Have you met anyone famous?

3- Did you know that you've got a face for radio, (Laughs hysterically like they're the first person to ever say that)

Yes, we know someone once told you that you had a good voice for Broadcasting and you've ALWAYS wanted to do it, and No I am not going to give you a job. Sound rough? Well, welcome to the radio industry my friend. Some of Radio's best join Nikki Darling and Ricky Rabic to dish on what the biz is REALLY like. No holds barred, no holding back, and DEFINITELY no dump button to save you! Welcome to Radio Insider.

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Profile artwork for Radio Insider
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