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Queer Ear

“Queer Ear is the queer thinking, straight talking podcast that spills the LGBTea on issues that don't get enough mainstream media attention.”


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Queer Ear is the Transmission Roundhouse podcast that shines a light (and sometimes throw a little shade) on a myriad of unexplored queer issues. Each episode tells a different queer story through interviews with 3 different guests. Queer Ear has explored everything from racism in gay porn, to the 'Gay Panic' legal defence to discrimination against queer Asian men on dating apps.

Hosted and produced by Rory Boyle, the podcast features a unique blend of biting humour and brutal honesty in its storytelling.

Leaving no stone unturned and no wig unsnatched, Rory has interviewed Pultizer Prize-winning writers, crystal meth addicts in recovery, Indian Royalty, parents of children killed in hate crime, and world-famous drag queens, amongst many others.

Twitter/Instagram: @queerearpodcast

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Profile artwork for Queer Ear
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