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“We Reach Many Platforms! Featuring Industry Experts From Around the World! If you Help improve someone's life or business we want YOU!”


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I would like to feature you on our ⭐ Profound Professionals Interview Series! ⭐ We Have been running the Series for almost 5 years now! We have adjusted the format slightly. We still feature amazing Industry Leaders and Causes ❤️ they care about! Now we are doing it in a Guest Experts, panel style format.

❤️ If you prefer a short video explanation than to reading this long email 🤣 here is a link that covers it:

Our mission is to feature you, the Experts, share your valuable knowledge with the world and spread awareness about amazing causes, YOU, our Experts, care about!

Join me and Schedule Your Spot by using this link and together we can change the world!

Interview Required Information:

Scheduling Link (43.00 gift needed):

Attached is the Release Form: Please sign and return

You understand booking this appointment has connected to it a $43 non-refundable GIFT 🎁 requested to help us produce, Livestream on multiple platforms, edit, produce articles, feature you, feature amazing causes & massively promote these interviews.

YOU are a HERO! 🦸‍♀️Gifting this 43.00 will help us Feature you & a CAUSE you care about! Our Goal is to Feature 1000 Business Professionals & 1000 Causes By the END OF JANUARY 2023!! Ending 2022 with a Bang & Starting 2023 with a POW!! 🥳This gift will cover Podcast Promotion, Editing, Creating an Article Featuring you & MORE!! We will be live streaming to many platforms in a Panel Expert Style, then we will take the clip of JUST you & Feature that many places too! We can add you to our site as a feature & BACK link to your site increasing YOUR SEO!! We will be REPUBLISHING THESE through the years to COME so this will be the best dollars your Ever shared!!! I know I have spent more on a meal & to fill your Car with Gas!!!

This will Fill your soul with sunshine 🌞(featuring the cause you love with others makes us feel warm & fuzzy! We will edify you in front of others & Expand your audience! (this gift is non-refundable but rest assured you are part of a movement, celebrating others & Featuring Causes that MATTER! 🚀

This Gift 🎁 will cover: (WOW 43 dollars goes a log way look at this list!)

Featuring you on the podcast as a panel expert with 8 other guests

Editing out just Your segment and featuring you independently

Creating an Article about the Panel Interview

Creating an Article featuring just YOU

Live stream on 5 or more platforms, including LinkedIn

Promoting the Panel Interview

Promoting YOUR Individual Segment of the Interview separately

We are Featuring Local, National, and Global CAUSES up 8 plus every interview!

Every Episode contributes to the financial Support of families in many countries

The Panel Interview will be featured on my website

Your Personal Segment and Interview will be Featured on my website

The option to have a link to your website posted on my website to Improve SEO for your site and drive traffic to your site is available

Your Article/Bio and any links you would like to share can be posted our my website

You will be included and RE-Featured in our Newsletters and Email Blasts throughout this Year and upcoming years

You will be included in our regular content social media plan (on multiple platforms) this year and for years to come…

In the spring of 2023 we will be launching the Audio version of this interview series and you will be featured again with audio only available on many standard podcast downloadable platforms.

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Profile artwork for Profound Professionals
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