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Primitive Intelligence Podcast

“Encouraging people to think more about the world they live in. Covering a wide range of topics, striving to view them from multiple angles.”




The Primitive Intelligence Podcast Season 5: Fair Game is in full swing. This season every topic is on the table, I'm not just tackling one. New episodes each Wednesday at 12 Noon!

Potential guests... don't let the subject matter fool you! If you think you have something to offer my listeners reach out! My current season is called Fair Game for a reason. I am always interested in new topics and fresh perspectives.

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From the mundane to the unexplained! Think more with the Primitive Intelligence Podcast.

Primitive Intelligence

Primitive Intelligence. 609 likes. Season 5: Fair Game is in full swing! Join me as I talk about some of the craziness that is our world

Primitive Intelligence Podcast

Welcome to the Primitive Intelligence Podcast YouTube channel! So, you might ask... what kind of topics are covered during your shows? Well, we're going to cover all kinds of topics. Expect to hear us talk about anything from new gadgets and technology to hypothetical theories on time travel... we might go off on a rant about the stray cat that keeps urinating on the basement window or get into a deep philosophical discussion about religions, the origins of life or the state of Pennsylvania's apparent inability to fix a pothole in the road.

Profile artwork for Primitive Intelligence Podcast
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