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PR After Hours

“PR After Hours with Alex Greenwood is your weekly cocktail of Business, Public Relations, Marketing, Management, and Productivity topics.”


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BEFORE YOU PITCH AN APPEARANCE: Until further notice we are conducting interviews on up to two Saturday mornings between 8 and noon per month. If Saturdays will not work for you, please check back this summer when we may open up some other times/dates.

AND PLEASE: read the entire show profile before pitching:

PR After Hours is a weekly podcast that provides business insights and tips from Alex Greenwood, a 30-year PR veteran, author, and broadcaster. In addition to offering guidance, the show hosts virtual happy hours featuring advice from prominent entrepreneurs and experts in PR, marketing, and business.

The podcast airs two seasons every year, from January to May and September to December. Interviews, lasting 20 minutes, are scheduled on Saturdays between 9:00 AM and Noon Central Time.

Why Should You Be a Guest on Our Show?

- We prioritize engaging conversations rather than rigid interviews with pre-set questions.

- Our quality audience is passionately invested in learning about business-related topics--but not being sold to.

- Our host, Alex Greenwood, a small business owner, relishes discussing strategies for success in business and the workplace.

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek individuals who can credibly discuss aspects of business management, PR, marketing, or productivity during our 25–30-minute episodes.

Years of experience show that our audience has little interest in the following subjects--and we will rarely book guests who wish to focus on:

  • SEO (unless it is a take we have not covered recently)
  • lead generation
  • financial planning
  • insurance
  • investing
  • real estate
  • coaching
  • religion
  • self-improvement
  • fringe medical
  • crypto anything

Please Note These Important Requirements:

- We aim for fresh content offering practical tips, rather than repetitive or overtly promotional material.

- Familiarize yourself with our past shows at to understand our content and recent themes.

- Guests must use an external microphone and earbuds/earphones, as built-in computer mics often yield poor audio quality.

- Books intended for review must be received 30 days before the scheduled interview.

- While we record interviews via Zoom with video, we generally use only the audio portion but reserve the right to use the video for promotional purposes.

- Guests are obliged to promote their appearance on social media channels, websites, and newsletters. Lack of promotion on your part may result in reduced promotion from us after the original airdate.

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Profile artwork for PR After Hours
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