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Politically High-Tech

“Guests who are DARING should come here to express actionable tips, funny commentary and intersect with Politics, Technology and improvement!”


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A podcast with facts, and opinions on various topics like politics, technology (weighing the pros/cons of this advancement) and something really interesting that some are reporting from the Multi-media universe with your independent host! This is an adult show. Minors SHOULD NOT be listening to this podcast. I want many political, technological, and spiritual perspectives to be shared.

I am looking for authentic, knowledgeable and (sometimes entertaining) guests on topics on Politics, Government, Policy, History, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Spirituality, and Philosophy.

Just note that this profile is under construction and will accept guests once I have completed this setup.

For Guests, please be DECISIVE. I do not want our time to be wasted. It is our most value commodity. It even surpasses money and it's non-refundable. If you are not sure, take your time, research this podcast before you contact me.

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Politically High-Tech

This channel is the home of your host who is the creator and founder of Politically High-Tech Podcasts with a focus for independent people with great and unique insight into politics without partisan loyalty, technology especially AI's Pros and Cons. Finally, this podcast covers development to help improve humanity (Religion, History, Finances, Business, Self-Development and much more).

Politically High-Tech

Politically High-Tech. 11 likes · 1 talking about this. Podcast for small leaguers and different. Hosted by the independent voter. IT'S FREE AND NO BABIES!!!

Elias Marty is Podcast Episodes with Politics, Tech and Spirituality

I want to break partisan divide in America, upgrade our tech understanding and expand different types of religion and spiritually.

Profile artwork for Politically High-Tech
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