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“Sonia Iris Lozada exploring perceptions in literature. Please read the description before submitting yourself as a guest.”


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Poetic Resurrection will begin to accept guest starting in January 2024.

The format of the podcast is changing. The upcoming season will not include self-help, leadership etc. We will be focusing on Literary Fiction. We are here to uplift the listeners so we stay clear of violence or extreme views that are not inclusive of all listeners. This is a entertaining conversational podcast about the interviewee's journey. If you are an author or poet please pick a piece that you would like to share with the audience. It is a half hour podcast and I'd like the audience to get to know you.

We are currently looking for poets, authors, publishers, editors most facets of the fictional literary scene.

We do pre-interviews so you might be asked to do one.

Please check out the podcast. It's important as an interviewee to know the podcast before applying to be a guest.

Thank you for your interest in the Poetic Resurrection Podcast.


Thank you so much for your interest in Poetic Resurrection. Here are a few requirements for being a guest on the show.

  1. We're interested in perceptions and exploring them. Mindfulness (your journey) and think of the podcast as a conversation.
  2. We are about self-reflecting questions and experiences, poetry, books, and meditation. A message that helps the listener.
  3. Books having the above message are encouraged and we consider quality over quantity.
  4. This is not an interview-only podcast and we release the podcast twice a month. We interview one guest per month.
  5. Please have a separate mic and headset from the computer. Earbuds or cellphone headsets work. No need to spend any money. THIS IS MANDITORY.

Again thank you for your interest and hope we can connect.

Sonia Lozada Bio (partial)

Sonia lives the many lives of a dreamer: out of one’s self-imposed limits, she discerns potential. Through her assorted poetry collections—Inspire me Series: Book 1 & 2 (2022), Inspire Me: Perception (2019), Follow Akashic Dreaming Through Time (2019), and Inspire Me: Raw (2017) Sonia weaves grace from loss, honesty from love, delicacy from the torn fabric of memory, and a persevering joy in the face of doubts. Her poems convey a broad spectrum of life’s yearnings. Yet the lilt of her voice never lapses: from the cascading effect of Spanish alongside English to the perceptive lessons of one’s soul in concert with one’s living, these poems dance to the tune of life’s multi-layered vibrations and never miss a step. Her forthcoming poetry collection, the triumphant third in the series, will bring the raw past and the perceptive eye toward a new vision: Inspire Me: Awakening Dreams

After accomplishing so much in her diverse expressions of art, Sonia sought to cultivate the expressions of others in an exploratory mode. Through her Poetic Resurrection Podcast she speaks to those who have learned life’s hard lessons through experience, art, and teaching. These lessons become conversations of strength and acceptance, of seeing the long-term effects of beliefs on behaviors.

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Welcome to Poetic Resurrection where we explore perceptions, where we take an introspective view on self-reflection questions. Thank you for joining us.

Poetic Resurrection | a podcast by Sonia Iris Lozada

Exploring Perceptions

Sonia Iris Lozada Poetic Resurrection

POETIC RESURRECTION is a poetry channel which reveals the unspoken hidden moments, speaking courage and faith for all. Traveling through the lands of life from Chicago to Los Angeles, Lozada’s unique bi-cultural perspective captures incidents and images of rough terrain with honesty and wry acceptance.

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