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Profile artwork for Podcast Maps by Graham Brown (all about Podcast SEO)

Podcast Maps by Graham Brown (all about Podcast SEO)

“It's getting easier to PRODUCE and harder to PROMOTE podcasts. Podcast Maps is a guide to help navigate the competitive world of Podcasting.”


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“Thank you Graham, you are the best podcast host ever!”

  • Sahar Heshami O.B.E, Founder Coffee Republic. Hashemi was named in Management Today as “Top 35 Women in British business under 35” and Independent on Sunday as “20 most powerful women in Britain”

“Graham Brown. Good times. Gimme Podcast Tips haha!”

  • Tony Fernandes CEO Founder AirAsia, owner QPR football club, Force India Formula One team

Who am I looking for as Guests on Podcast Maps?

  • SEO Experts - let's jam on how we can apply the lessons learned from Internet & digital marketing SEO to the world of podcasting
  • Podcast Promoters who have helped blow up podcasts for clients by hacking the Spotify & Apple algorithms - come and share what works, lessons learned, failures along the way
  • Successful Podcasters who have hit top 10 rankings and have done so with a strategy. Come and share that strategy with our guests
  • Podcast Agencies who have cracked the promotional game for their clients

Why guest on my Podcast?

  • I've produced over 1,000 podcasts so I know how to make podcasts sound great
  • Every podcast conversation is the beginning of a potential business partnership - so let's use this as an opportunity to see how we can expand both our podcast networks long term

Guide for Guests

  • Podcast Maps is a 2 way conversation - come and riff with the audience, not pitch to them.
  • You'll need a good mic (minimum Blue Yeti, ideally XLR)

If that sounds cool, hit the CONTACT button and apply as a guest.

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Profile artwork for Podcast Maps by Graham Brown (all about Podcast SEO)
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