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“Interviewing PODCASTERS! If you're a podcaster open to unraveling the enigmatic world of podcasting, you've come to the right place.”


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Launching November 21

Hosted by the insightful and engaging Kim Hayden, Pod Talk Today is your go-to source for all things podcasting, where we dive deep into the who, what, and why of this ever-evolving medium.

Open to most genres of podcast topics. This is about your, the Podcaster and your journey.

Who: Meet a diverse array of podcasters from every corner of the podcasting universe. Whether they're chart-toppers or just starting out, Kim sits down with them to uncover the fascinating journeys behind their podcasts. Get ready to be inspired by their stories, experiences, and the challenges they've overcome.

What: Discover the nuts and bolts of podcasting. From choosing the right equipment and software to crafting compelling narratives, we leave no stone unturned. Each episode peels back the curtain on the creative process, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a great podcast.

Why: Why do people choose podcasting as their medium of expression? What drives them to share their passions, stories, and expertise through audio? Kim delves into the motivations and inspirations of podcasters to help you understand the profound impact this medium can have.

Getting Heard in Today's World: In an era of countless podcasts vying for listeners' attention, standing out can be a daunting task. Pod Talk Today explores strategies for getting noticed, building an audience, and making a lasting impact in the saturated podcasting landscape.

ROI (Return on Investment): We unravel the financial aspects of podcasting. Learn about monetization options, sponsorships, and the potential returns on your podcasting investment. Kim and her guests break down the numbers, sharing valuable insights into making podcasting not just a passion project but a sustainable endeavor.

Avoiding PodFade: Podfade refers to podcasts that start strong but gradually lose steam and eventually fade away. We investigate the common pitfalls that lead to podfade and provide tips and tricks to keep your podcast going strong, episode after episode.

Join Kim Hayden and her guests on Pod Talk Today for engaging conversations, practical tips, and an insider's perspective on the world of podcasting. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster looking to up your game or a newbie eager to dive in, this podcast is your one-stop destination for all things podcast-related. Available on your favorite podcast listing platforms and with a treasure trove of resources waiting for you at Pod Talk Today, embark on your podcasting journey with the knowledge and inspiration you need to succeed. Don't miss an episode – tune in today!

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Pod Talk Today

Pod Talk Today: Join host Kim Hayden in exploring the dynamic world of podcasting. From inspiring stories of seasoned podcasters to practical tips on equipment and creative processes, Pod Talk Today is your comprehensive guide. Dive into the motivations behind podcasting, strategies for standing out in a crowded field, and insights into the financial side of the medium. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and keep your podcast thriving. Tune in for engaging conversations, insider perspectives, and resources to embark on your podcasting journey. Don't miss out – Pod Talk Today awaits you! Host: Kim Hayden Themes: Podcasting, Creativity, Storytelling, Equipment, Motivations, Strategies, Monetization, Sustainability Audience: Seasoned podcasters, aspiring audio storytellers, and anyone curious about the podcasting world. Availability: Available on major podcast listing platforms Additional Resources: Explore a treasure trove of resources at

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