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Piano Tech Radio Hour

“Explore piano tech, history, and innovations with experts and artists on the Piano Tech Radio Hour, your weekly insight into piano mastery.”


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Welcome to the Piano Tech Radio Hour, a podcast that delves into the art and science behind pianos. Our expert piano technician host explores everything from the craftsmanship of tuning to the innovations shaping the future of pianos. Each episode is a rich experience for anyone fascinated by the blend of tradition and technology, featuring a mix of expert interviews, technical insights, and stories from musicians.

We are seeking technicians and musicians who are eager to share their craft and stories, innovators driving the evolution of piano technology, and individuals passionate about music education and history.

By joining us, you will connect with a dedicated audience, share your expertise, and contribute to a community that celebrates the piano's legacy and future. The Piano Tech Radio Hour is more than just a podcast; it's a platform to inspire and inform piano enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us and let's create harmonious connections and share the magic of pianos together!

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Profile artwork for Piano Tech Radio Hour
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