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Paranormal PTSD Recovery

“We normalize supernatural experiences, give tips for how to recover from frightening experiences, and muse about what's really going on.”


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Have you had a supernatural experience?

Let's talk! I'm looking for people who have either survived a frightening paranormal encounter or are still enduring one. Share the details of your story to help validate what others are going through.

Do you help people recover from paranormal PTSD?

Are you a healer, exorcist, medium, or trauma therapist with a compelling story of how to heal from paranormal PTSD? Let's talk!

Do you have a theory of what's going on?

Are you an experiencer or researcher who has evidence or personal experience about these scary events? Are these entities harmful or benevolent? Are there natural causes for what appear to be supernatural occurrences? Is the government out to get us?

The goal of Paranormal PTSD Recovery is to normalize these experiences so that the stigma ends. I'm here to help people find answers, community, and healing. If you have an experience that can help others, let's talk!

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Paranormal PTSD Recovery

When you are suffering from paranormal PTSD, it's hard to ask for help. People think you're crazy. YOU think you're crazy. But help is out there. My channel focuses on three things: * Sharing personal stories of paranormal PTSD to normalize the experiences. * Sharing tips for healing so we can live healthy lives. * Entertaining guesses about what's going on. Understanding reduces fear and increases empowerment. If you have had a paranormal experience that has weirded you out, please subscribe and comment! I'd love to hear from you. And for the record, "paranormal" and "supernatural" are used interchangeably here as the line between which is which can be blurry.

Profile artwork for Paranormal PTSD Recovery
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