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Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with @ThatHoarder

“Guests on Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with That Hoarder have the opportunity to help a dedicated listenership with a very specific problem.”


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I'm a compulsive hoarder who is trying desperately to change. But it is so hard. This weekly podcast follows me through my decluttering journey with hoarding disorder. Was thrilled to pass 100,000 downloads/

By guesting on this podcast, you can reach a targeted group of listeners and share your expertise or experience. It''s the first ever podcast about hoarding by somebody with the disorder rather than a professional of some kind, and listeners really appreciate that unique (and relatable) perspective.

People listen for relatable conversations, practical dehoarding tips, advice, experiences and interviews. Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with That Hoarder is a deep dive into this highly stigmatised disorder, so whether you are a person who hoards or you know, love or work with someone who has hoarding disorder, listeners want to gain insights and understanding.

If you, as a guest, can help me to achieve this and want to reach a uniquely targeted audience, get in touch.

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That Hoarder: Overcome Compulsive Hoarding podcast

Welcome to the Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with That Hoarder podcast. I am drowning in stuff and trying to find a way out. Listen as I explore the issues and delve deep, as somebody profoundly affected by hoarding disorder. Find out more, including links to subscribe to the podcast, at and follow me on Twitter at @ThatHoarder and on Facebook at

Profile artwork for Overcome Compulsive Hoarding with @ThatHoarder
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