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“The most dangerous football show on the planet.”




A brand new and uncensored football show. After a decade of playing high-stakes poker, I decided that now is the best time to take a step back and connect with my other passion - football. I have set up a studio in London and put a team of 2 editors and a producer together. The podcast will mainly be focused on football, finances, and other topics everyday fans do not get to hear about on a regular basis. I have already recorded 4 episodes, but they have not been released yet since I want to make sure we are ahead of schedule when the first episode is released. I would be glad to send you these so you can check them out. Furthermore, hosting an episode with one of your athletes would be a dream come true, however, the idea for this particular episode was to find a professional connected to the sports management industry and learn more about them, what it takes to be part of this world and the outside factors everyday people do not consider when thinking about professionals involved in this industry.

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Profile artwork for No Shin Pads
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