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No Rest For The Vivid

“The No Rest For The Vivid Podcast shares inspirational stories from entrepreneurs who have faced fear & doubt head-on and succeeded anyway!”


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Are you a business owner with an inspirational story? Can you add value to someone's life and business? Can you share a story of when you had to face your doubts, hold your nerve and trust the process?

I want to share more stories from the 'messy middle' of entrepreneurship. Stories that will give comfort to other business owners, who are facing doubt, fear and imposter syndrome. I believe we should tell these stories more, so that it helps to 10x the self-belief of business owners around the world. Entrepreneurship is tough, and that why I'm here to power up self-belief and give support through my 7 step process and share what it's really like inside your business.

I would love to hear and collaborate with you.

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Profile artwork for No Rest For The Vivid
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