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“Share your knowledge, insights & stories. Bring your curiosity. Next level produced "shows" that are unique, ideas driven & that entertain.”


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We bringing the very best ideas and interviews to broker and grow creativity, leadership, digital business and overall wellbeing.

Nerds of Joy has been shortlisted by the International Women's Podcast Awards in the category of Moment of Visionary Leadership and we are delighted.

I believe in sharing stories of triumph and great challenge that shows us as messy imperfect humans - not afraid to show vulnerability as their authentic selves.

I'm interested in genuine leaders and speakers that may not have "broken yet" , entrepreneurs less familiar that have an unique perspective, teaching or story, that helps listeners grow their businesses and provides gold nugget takeaways.

Previous guest include: award winning and serial entrepreneurs, the founders of Zuckerberg Institute, expert doctors, multi-award winning writers, composers, and creative artists.

If this special kind of human is you- then i'd love for you to get in contact with me, to be added to the amazing alumni of the Nerds of Joy Podcast guests. Please note: there are many reach outs so please bring your uniqueness. No cut/pastes please.


I am starting a new podcast. This is an opportunity to be lead by me to step up to the podcast mic, develop and deliver your message and to be interviewed by me. This is ideal for leadership executives, small business, entrepreneurs that need scale and anyone that wants to expand their digital footprint online, build their profile or finally be heard. (It can be a scary thing)

There is a fee to participate that includes:

Your own full podcast episode where you are the "featured artist" hosted by me that includes research, prelim interview, structure, question framework, mentorship, recording session, editing, 1 year guaranteed distribution and MP3 copy.

You can DM me on instagram or email [email protected] with title NEW PODCAST OPPORTUNITY to find out more and get the conversation started.

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Profile artwork for Nerds of Joy Podcast
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